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Movie: Mister
Cast: Varun Tej, Lavanya Tripathi, Hebbah Patel, Satyam Rajesh, Nasser, Nitin Dar, Raghu Babu, Tejaswi and others
Story: Gopi Mohan
Music: Mickey J Meyer
Cinematography:  K. V. Guhan
Editor: M. R. Varma
Art: A. S. Prakash
Producers: Tagore Madhu and Nallamalupu Bujji
Screenplay and Direction:  Sreenu Vaitla
Banner: Lakshmi Narasimha Productions
Release Date: April 14, 2017

As Sreenu Vaitla delivered two biggest disasters 'Aagadu' and 'Bruce Lee' in the recent past, there were not many hopes on his "Mister" but it created buzz as the Director claimed that he is reinventing his style of narration with this film and also due to the pleasant teaser. Let’s see whether Sreenu Vaitla makes a comeback or not.

Chai (Varun) is an NRI settled in Spain who falls in love with Meera (Hebah Patel). But to his bad luck, Meera likes someone else and leaves back to India for her wedding. One fine day, she calls up Chai and says that she is in a lot of trouble and requests him to save her. Left with no choice, Chai lands in India but gets engrossed in an even bigger mess from Chandramukhi (Lavanya) and her family. Rest of the story is as to how Chai deals with the problems of these girls all alone and ends up marrying one of them.

For a downcast story of this sorts penned by Gopi Mohan, no one in the world could able to write a screenplay. But, here is Srinu Vytla both scripted and directed a terribly awful film touching the lowest of low in his career. No wonder, ‘Bruce Lee’ and ‘Aagadu’ are worth 5-star rating films if gauged relatively with ‘Mister.’ Except for Spain episodes, rest is a complete crap.

Varun Tej performs to the best of his capabilities and tries to shoulder the film till the end. His comic timing comes as a surprise winner looked manly in both love tracks and action blocks. Both heroines have looked bad, as their styling is utterly muddled. Their characterizations are also lacking any novelty. Hebbah Patel is a wrong choice, neither gorgeous nor the role is meaty. Lavanya Tripathi’s painful Chandramukhi character is dominated by colorful costumes.

Raghu Babu as Nagarjuna ('Oopiri' spoof) and Srinivas Reddy have provided some comedy but Prithvi's track has failed to evoke any laughs. Nasser, villain Nitin Dhar, Murali Sharma and Surekha Vani are okay. Rest like Prince and others may not need any mention. There are too many actors in the movie but only a few make an impression.

The only saving grace is the Cinematography by KV Guhan. In fact, the visuals are extraordinary. The movie is shot in some beautiful locations in Spain, France, Switzerland, and Karnataka. KV Guhan has made it look visually beautiful. Music by Mickey J Mayer is average. Editing is pathetic as at least 15 minutes of the film could have been easily edited out. Varun Tej’s styling is unimpressive as he looks quite disoriented as an NRI. The film looks quite grand as the production values and the village set up look realistic.

Coming to the director Sreenu Vaitla, even after giving continuous flops, he has not taken the script seriously and made actors suffer in some horribly executed roles. Things become even tougher as the story gets aimless and it goes into another zone without any meaning. The way Sreenu Vaitla makes unnecessary characters enter at every juncture is the biggest drawback of the film. Unable to hold the attention on every subplot, ‘Mister’ broke into pieces moving here and there with disorientation. It is like watching different films in a single movie. Except for inducing some decent fun during the first half, Sreenu Vaitla’s work is below average.

On the whole, except for a few laughs here and there, the film has nothing much to offer. The audience, either from class or mass, may not like "Mister". A total waste effort and one more disaster for Tollywood, but this time from Sreenu Vaitla.
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