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Kichchha Sudeep's 'Hebbuli' is a big-budget Sandalwood commercial action film. But it deserves brownie points for putting in a “message” about a social issue that you wouldn’t expect to find its way into a film of this genre. That the film picks up on a healthcare issue that is usually drowned in lengthy and complex debates about patents and intellectual property, and manages to make a simple greed versus good battle out of it, is something to be marveled at.

This U/A certified film ‘Hebbuli’ takes off with the opening sequence of a cross-border surgical strike carried out by Ram and his team of commandos. The apparent suicide of his brother, IAS officer Sathyamurthy (Ravichandran) – another man who just wants to do his bit to make the lives of the country’s poor a little better – brings him back from the border. The suicide is no suicide, but the heart of a nexus between a corrupt politician and a greedy industrialist. Captain Ram takes on the baddies and how he books the heavy weight criminals is via heavy fight at the climax. The beatings what Captain Ram takes could have been altered to look more logical. Otherwise S Krishna is superb in his work.

Hebbuli’s strong point is its action sequences featuring a Sudeep tailor-made for the stoic, upright hero role. Over the years, Sudeep has mastered the art of playing the man of few words and lots of action, and he delivers just what fans want in this film too. Kichcha Sudeep has given a right commercial film for his fans. At the same time the emotions through his acting is immaculate. Especially when he console child actor Ritu, we find the controlled emotion in him.  There are quite a few action feasts for front benchers, for family audience Kichccha Sudeep makes you collect tears from his performance. Action is a feast and investigating pattern is what keeps the audience glued to the seats. The new hair style for Sudeep looks very trendy. The dialogues written for his portion, the modulation he has made outshines everyone on the film. Amala Paul has quite a lengthy role in this hero oriented cinema. She is impressive in dancing moments.

S Krishna knows the trick of the trade of a commercial cinema. He has not followed the formula but sets new standards with great support he got from producers, artists and technicians. However, where the film really struggles is outside the action sequences. While the first half sticks closely to the action script, the second half meanders as it tries to flesh out its social message, and establish the tear-jerking love between the hero and his brother. The ensemble of villains featuring Ravi Shankar and Ravi Kishan doesn’t contribute any depth to the story either, as these characters play out as the stock villains without a single shred of humanity in them. The arrangement of songs and, in particular, the very unsuccessful comedy track often puts the breaks on the film’s pace.

At the end of its runtime, 'Hebbuli' is the kind of big-budget film with enough spectacle and heroism to please the fans, but falling short of that something extra to draw in the rest of the crowd.
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