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Movie: Rogue
Cast: Ishaan, Angela, Mannara Chopra, Anup Singh, Ali, Posani, Azad Khan, Satyadev and others
Music: Sunil Kashyap
Cinematography: Mukesh G
Editing: Junaid Shaik
Art: Johnny
Producers: C R Manohar, CR Gopi
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: Puri Jagannadh
Banner: Tanvi Films
Release Date: March 31, 2017

Writing a review for this crap is a shameful thing. But it's been done to save the film goers who rely on the reviews before watching movies. This 'Rogue' easily beats the worst film of the year so far by a huge margin. Writer and Director Puri Jagannadh showed the viewers what's the word 'torture' really means. It is unbearable right from the beginning with the most senseless plot. Apart from the lead actor who looks good and does his best even under the bizarre circumstances, the film has all the right ingredients to torture the audience to the maximum level. The worst part is that it does not even allow the audience to take a nap, for all that constant mindless sound effects.

The storyless story is set in Kolkata. Chanti (Ishaan) is a reckless youth who hates women because his girlfriend (Anjela) cheats him big time. Upset with this, he gets into a tussle with one of the cops and breaks his legs. Seeing the cop’s family situation, he himself decides to help the family which also consists of a beautiful girl called Anjali (Mannara Chopra).

When things seem to be going fine, a psycho (Anoop Singh) who is on the run targets Anjali and starts following her. Rest of the story is as to how Chanti helps Anjali and falls in love with her during the course of time.

'Rogue' introduces us to newcomer Ishan, who has an ease in front of the camera. His tall frame is suitable to action roles and best apt for villain roles. He is an actor who has complete faith in his director! How else would you describe the seriousness with which Ishan takes his role in the film? He just followed what the director asks... like this one - "Ishan, keep a poker face. Don't show any expressions. And scream till your lungs hurt. Leave the rest to me. Don't ask any questions."

Surprisingly, Manara Chopra looks very good when compared to her previous films. She too has been showcased in a decent manner and Manara does well in whatever scope she had. Angela is strictly limited to a couple of scenes. Anup Singh Thakur's performance is over the top as the psycho. Ali's comedy track is outdated. Posani, Satyadev and Azad Khan have nothing much to do.

It's the worst comeback for Puri Jagganadh. The story, script and the making deserve some award under the category of how not to make a film and should also be included in the syllabus for students learning the art of 'worst film making'. To give a sample... there's a scene in the film, where the hero and the heroine jump into a pool of water, next to a waterfall. The hero, who at this point is quite horny, asks the girl, "Ee roju intha anthanga unnav ente? (How come you're looking so hot today?)." And the girl says, "Thadisthe Pandhi Kooda Andhangane untundhi. (Even a pig will look hot when it is wet)." That is the most romantic scene of 'Rogue'!! Director's perversion at its peak. Enough said.

The only positive strength of this movie is its Cinematography. Mukesh has shown Kolkata and Bangkok in a different and beautiful way. There is nothing much to talk about rest of the technicians' work. As the director... so the technicians.

On the whole... if you do not like someone and eagerly waiting to return their ill-favours, then buy tickets for them and make sure they watch 'Rogue'. Puri will take care of the rest. Being a terrible waste of time, money and energy, this movie would exhaust even the diehard fans of him with its astoundingly silly second half. Watch it at your own risk.
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