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Super Star Salman Khan has clarified that he is collaborating with Akshay Kumar for a project and has requested everybody to not believe in rumors. Earlier this year, Salman Khan had announced that he will be co-starring with Akshay in a project to be produced by Karan Johar.

However, recently it’s been buzzing that Dabangg Khan has backed out of the project. It’s been alleged that Salman’s very good friend Ajay Devgn too wanted to make the same film. So when Salman learnt about Ajay Devgn’s plans, he reportedly backed out of the film.

Salman Khan has finally spoken about this. On Sunday night Salmaan tweeted: "Don't follow rumors. Follow me. Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di toh phir... Very much doing film with Akshay Kumar."
Salman had said that Akshay will be the hero of the film which he will co-produce and will come out in 2018.
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