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It’s in the genes after all… We are not surprised that actress-singer Shruti Haasan is now set to add film production to her repertoire. Shruti Haasan is turning producer with director Jayprakash Radhakrishnan’s forthcoming Tamil film, The Mosquito Philosophy. In the past, Jayprakash Radhakrishnan had directed a film Lens, which was a huge hit at film festivals. According to an official statement..“The Mosquito Philosophy, born out of the quest to showcase a real life and real time narrative, is an interrogation of a society caught between the throws of tradition and modernity seen through the story of 4 friends.”

Talking about collaborating with Jayprakash, Shruti said, “When we saw Mosquito Philosophy and after having seen JP’s last works especially his much acclaimed film Lens, we knew we had found the right person to associate with. He has a very edgy vision to creatively showcase even the simplest stories. It’s fantastic to work with someone who is courageous in offering new content that challenges conventional thinking . We are really excited to present this film under the Isidro banner.”

It is just the right fit for Shruti, who had earlier shared that she wants to produce edgy, diverse content across formats that further creative process.
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