Vishal is Contesting for TN Film Producers' Council | Actor and Producer Vishal

Actor, Producer and the General Secretary of the Tamil Film Artistes Association... Vishal,  will soon be in the race contesting for the President’s post at the Tamil Nadu Film Producers’ Council. The star made a remark about the way the Producers’ Council was functioning due to which he invoked its wrath and finally had to fight in the court about his debarment from the Council. With the High Court ruling that his debarment from the Producers’ Council needs to be revoked, Vishal decided to contest in the upcoming election. He will also be contesting for a few other positions.

When asked about his intention, Vishal said that he once saw his father, GK Reddy, an ace producer, begging to have his film I Love India, get released. He said that producers are in such a bad state that the entire Producers’ Council needs a revamp and he would do it. The star also promised a piece of land for financially weak producers.

Meanwhile, Kalaipuli S Thanu, the President of the Producers’ Council, has challenged Vishal’s contention and said that he has tarnished the image of the Producers’ Council.
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