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Akkineni Nagarjuna reunited with director Ram Gopal Varma after a gap of 28 years for a cop thriller. This upcoming untitled drama was launched in style today i.e. 20th November in a specially designed set at Annapurna Studios. RGV’s mother sounded the first clap at the inaugural ceremony that took place at Annapurna Studios. Nag seemed quite confident about the unique script narrated by RGV. Nag said that this film is a result of the mutual trust between him and RGV and exuded confidence on the movie, saying that this film will set a new trend across the country with its high-standards in technicalities.

As expected, RGV’s speech was a major highlight of the event. The eccentric genius said that he doesn’t believe in God, but only believes in Nagarjuna. He also said “The People are commenting that Ram Gopal Varma has lost mind. Some have opined that juices in me have ended. I agree that I have lost mind but whether my creative juices are flowing or not, you will notice now with this film."

Today morning Nagarjuna also shared few stills from this movie's photo shoot on his Twitter. We can see that RGV’s obsession with guns continue here as well, as Nagarjuna is seen cradling a gun and a bundle of notes, making us wonder if he is playing a dirty cop here.
The first schedule’s shooting will be held for 10 days in November. After a brief gap for Akhil’s Hello’s promotions, the shoot will resume from December 22 and the entire film will be wrapped up in a continuous schedule.

The makers have clarified that this film is not a sequel to Siva. More details about the film’s cast and crew members will be announced soon.
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